Eat Seafood at Street Prices at Fishegar

Eat Seafood at Street Prices at Fishegar

In the middle of last year, my family and I stopped to eat at Acacia Ruko on Jalan Sawangan, which incidentally is very close to our house. Incidentally, there is a restaurant that recently opened here, its name is Fishegar. From the name, it’s clear that they offer a wide variety of fresh seafood. In my opinion, the price is cheap, you can compare it with street vendor prices, so it can be an alternative to eating delicious seafood in a comfortable atmosphere. Don’t even sit on the couch. Unfortunately, when I last looked, this Fishegar branch was closed and changed to Emperto Steak. Yes, it’s okay, I still want to review them because in my opinion and Fay’s, the food is delicious.

We ordered honey grilled carp, fried squid in flour, and plain kale cahs. There are other people who order clams and crabs, until they drool. It turns out that these two menus are not enough for the three of us. But if you want to order again, you’re worried that it will take a long time to arrive. Because from being ordered to ordering, it’s been almost half an hour. Okay, speaking of honey grilled carp first, let’s order a non-spicy grilled menu that Falah can also eat. Because I basically like ika carp and like grilled fish that’s a little crispy (because it’s fried before it’s grilled), I really like this menu. It’s a shame the sauce isn’t much. Then the fried squid with flour is also delicious, even though the size of the squid is sometimes small and most of the flour is grinjul-grinjul. And finally, it’s incomplete to eat seafood without water spinach. The portion of the water spinach is small, for two people it’s still not enough.

Where to Eat Seafood in Bali Without Having to Go to the Beach

When you hear the word Bali, maybe what comes to your mind is the beach. Of course, the culinary that is suitable to be enjoyed on the beach is seafood. However, eating seafood in Bali doesn’t have to be to Jimbaran or Kuta, or just places to eat near the beach, you know!

Seafood culinary tours in Bali are now available in various places. Like the stalls and restaurants recommended by Tripzilla, visitors always leave positive comments. Which one is at the top of your must-visit list?

Tulen shop

The name Warung Tulen is very well known among seafood lovers. This stall, which is located in a rather narrow position in a relatively quiet area, only provides four menus, namely fish, shrimp, squid, and clams – all of which are grilled. Every package ordered with rice, includes plecing kale.

As the night goes on, the place on this website is increasingly crowded with buyers. There are also visitors who choose to take it home because the tables and chairs are quite limited. Apart from the delicious taste of the grilled clams, what keeps them loyal to standing in line at Warung Tulen is the friendly prices. That said, the price of grilled clams at Warung Tulen is among the cheapest compared to similar seafood stalls.

Crab Shells

This seafood restaurant has just moved from Bandung to Bali, and many of its fans are sad. Understandably, this shop has a unique menu. For example, the ‘mozzarella grilled oyster’ above, is really tempting! Kerang Kerung also often holds promos, so it’s perfect for the pocket of a traveler who wants to save money. Even though it provides various types of seafood such as squid and prawns, Kerang Kerung is truly a shellfish specialist. There are various types of shellfish, including green clams, virgin clams, oyster shells, and full-blooded clams. Cooked with a special Clam Clam sauce with a sour-sweet-spicy taste, definitely addictive!

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