Indian Restaurants You Must Try!

Indian Restaurants You Must Try!

Indian restaurant food in Jakarta is very popular for its strong and sharp aroma and taste. This unique taste continues to make many people fall in love with Indian dishes. If you think about it, Indian cuisine doesn’t taste much different from traditional Indonesian dishes, you know. Both put on a lot of spices. Because of this, there are many Indian dishes that suit the tongue of Indonesians. So, for those of you who are curious about the delicacy of a plate of Indian food, let’s check out Indian restaurants tasteofindiagrill that are delicious and have really good quality!

1. Queen’s Tandoor

For those who don’t know, Queen’s Tandoor branch comes from Queen’s of India. Then what’s the difference like a Queen’s of India restaurant? Well, at Queen’s Tandoor, not only Indian cuisine, you can also enjoy Chinese and fusion cuisine. This restaurant often gets the “Best Indian Restaurant in Jakarta” award, you know. No wonder, the Indian dishes they serve are really authentic and really gokil in taste.

If you don’t believe me, just try Moong Dal Kichdi which is the most favorite Indian comfort food here. This menu is in the form of saffron rice cooked with lentils and served with Pappadum, fried baby potatoes, and ladyfinger (okra). Apart from that, there is also Raan E. Bahar who is no less yummy. This is a leg of lamb that is seasoned with curry and slow cooked. Another menu that is no less a winner is Queen’s Nasi Siram. This soy fried rice is even more delicious with black pepper sauce.

2. Ganesha Ek Sanskriti

The Ganesha Ek Sanskriti outlet is located in the Sudirman and Kemang Village office buildings. This restaurant presents Indian cuisine with an authentic taste. Chicken Tandoori at this Indian restaurant in Jakarta can make anyone addicted. The chicken is marinated with homemade yogurt and Indian spices. Then it is cooked to the perfect level of maturity, but always doesn’t get rid of the juicy sensation that is so present in every bite.

3. Indian Delitz

Indian Delitz is not true Indian restaurant in Jakarta. It used to be at the MOI Market, but now it has changed to the Kebon Blank area. You will immediately know this restaurant because the visitors are never empty. The taste of the biryani rice here is really awesome. The portions are large, and too big to eat alone. The Chicken Tikka is also interesting because it is served with a yogurt dipping which makes the taste even more unique. You can also try the Mughlai Chicken Tangri Kebab and Naan package which blends perfectly.

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