The Best Apps Besides Viral on TikTok and Instagram

The Best Apps Besides Viral on TikTok and Instagram

An application that is currently viral on social media doesn’t hurt to try it, you know. Usually, this kind of application is made for entertainment purposes, although there are also those that turn out to have a myriad of advanced features.

For example, like applications that are currently viral on TikTok, some of which are mostly photo editing, video editing, or even someone’s location trackers.

The more people who share the use of this application in the media, the more people are curious and want to download it here.


If you ask what applications are currently viral on TikTok, maybe one of the most appropriate answers at the moment is FacePlay. As the name suggests, you can try this face editing application for fun.

Basically, FacePlay is an application that provides various collections of video templates in the form of people from various cultures and countries. Its function, you can edit your face to be included in the template.

The reason why this application can be so viral is because the edits themselves are very smooth and look natural. Just imagine, your face can be very charming with different bodies, such as Americans, Japanese, Indians, Chinese, and many more.


Bumble is a popular application in Indonesia which has recently been talked about a lot, especially after the many TikTok users who have managed to find their partners through this dating application.

The reason is, Bumble itself does have a number of features that are not available in similar applications. For example, such as the search filter for chat friends based on categories, and can adjust from the start you want to find a partner or just friends.

It doesn’t stop there, this application also only gives you 24 hours to be able to chat with someone. If the person you match with doesn’t reply to the message within that time, then the opportunity for further acquaintance will be lost.

Yes, with all the features and concepts offered, this application is perfect for those of you who are very selective and don’t carelessly look for a partner.

NGL: anonymous q&a

What is the name of the application that is trending on Instagram? Of course, the answer is NGL: anonymous q&a or what is commonly called just NGL.

Through this application, you can open a question and answer session on Instagram with your social media followers. Later, they can ask or convey something to you anonymously.

After that, you can also post the question or confession to your Instagram story and provide direct feedback. For those of you who don’t know how to use it, please read ApkVenue’s article below, OK?

Don’t know how to make a video with a pause effect like the viral videos that are widely spread on TikTok? Maybe you don’t know about this application.

Actually, the features contained in this video editing application are similar to the others, such as cutting the parts you want to remove, adding transition effects, and adding music.

But in particular, many TikTokers use this application to create photo slideshows with slow music to add a unique impression to the videos they make.


Voila is one of the applications that is currently booming to turn faces into cartoons that are most used today. The animation effects presented by this application are known to be more realistic than other applications.

Just by pressing a few buttons, this application can turn your selfie into an animated version that is detailed, neat, and cooler.

There are also various features such as effects that can be selected for your photos. Starting from cartoons, the 18th century, pencil sketches, and many more.

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