The most delicious typical Brazilian food that tourists must try

The most delicious typical Brazilian food that tourists must try

Talking about Brazil, it seems like there is no one who doesn’t know this country. At least there is the sport of football which means that all Indonesians will immediately be able to recognize Brazil, which is also iconic for its tourist attractions and national symbol in the form of the Christ the Redeemer statue. Brazil, which is also the country with the largest forest in the world, namely the Amazon, is a country located far from Indonesia but has more or less similar natural conditions.

Many tourist attractions in Brazil are famous and often visited by tourists. The natural beauty, cultural exoticism and the offer of various adventures make people always list Brazil as one of the countries they must visit. Not only that, many people also praise Brazilian food because of its rich flavors and its appeal, especially to tourists from Europe and North America. Although it cannot be denied that many tourists from other countries also like it.

Grilled Barbecue Meat

Brazil is known for its diverse barbecue meat menu, both in terms of cuts of meat, basic meat ingredients and complementary ingredients. Usually all this meat is grilled over charcoal or firewood and skewered on a long stick similar to a Turkish kebab with large pieces of meat.

Call it picanha which uses premium cuts of meat and is grilled to medium rare so that the meat juices are still visible and the color is pink.


If the barbecue meat menu sounds too wild, Brazil, which has natural beauty through the panorama of Corcovado, also offers a delicious moqueca menu. Moqueca has several variations because there are at least two regions that claim to be the origin of this seafood-based food.

The basic menu is fish or seafood (usually shrimp) prepared with chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Two regions that claim moqueca are Bahia and Espirito Santo.


Cocktail lovers shouldn’t miss this drink which is also often used as a souvenir from Brazil. Cachaça has been around since the 1500s, made from fermented sugar cane juice and is a mixture of caipiranhas, Brazil’s national cocktail. However, fans usually don’t recommend drinking cachaça mixed with caipiranhas, because the taste doesn’t kick enough and the fermentation isn’t perfect.

You can get better cachaça from many bars that serve it themselves, in various varieties and perfectly fermented in wooden drums. Cachaça is usually drunk at parties or in the evening.

Brigadieros da Escocia

The ingredients for this food are actually as simple as condensed milk and cocoa powder, but in reality this food is very popular in Brazil. Apart from being easy to make and always tempting in its sweet taste, brigadieros de escocia also has its own history in Brazilian society. In the 1940s, when World War II rolled around and Brazil lacked fresh food, condensed milk and cocoa powder were processed into a food named after this politician.

Pao de quiejo

The meaning of the name of this food is cheese bread. But don’t think this is nothing special. Pao de queijo is a food that you can always find in Brazil from morning to night. Delicious as an accompaniment to breakfast, it is not uncommon for people to enjoy it as a snack during a picnic or as an afternoon snack. Pao de quiejo is also a typical Brazilian food that all tourists must try because it is gluten-free and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by visit the eatmgm

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