Unique Cafe Names in the World Today

Unique Cafe Names in the World Today

Intrigued by the name of a unique cafe in the world today? This is it, we will share a collection of unique cafe names in the world specifically for all coffee friends. There will be various discussions such sammystasteofchicago as unique and cool cafe names in Indonesia, and many more. We hope coffee friends can be inspired by this reading.

Unique and inspiring cafe names are always the fuel to attract visitors. In fact, some are willing to travel miles and miles to satisfy their curiosity. But don’t worry, thanks to the sophistication of the internet, you don’t have to do that. Just look at the row of unique and cool cafe names in the world today.

1. Mermaid Island Cafe

Anyone like mermaids? If you like it then this cafe is perfect for you to visit. This mermaid-themed cafe is so unique with thick underwater decorations. Mermaid island cafe is located in Pathum Thani, Thailand. Uniquely, when you enter this cafe, you will be given a costume similar to a mermaid’s tail. The name and concept of this cafe are inspired by the royal life under the sea. There are dominant colors of pink and blue.

2. Cuties Cat and Cafe

If this one is not only unique but also has a funny name, cuties cat and cafe. This cafe with the concept of a cat shop is very unique and different. Here you will not only be treated to food menus. But you will also be treated to views of cute and adorable cats. For those of you who like to see cats, this cafe is highly recommended. This cafe is in Kemang, DKI Jakarta Province.

3. Labassin Waterfall Cafe

Love nature tourism? Labassin waterfall cafe could be your next choice of tour. From the name it can be seen that this cafe is in a waterfall. How’s that feel? Of course, you also have to be prepared to get wet. This cafe is unique in terms of its name and unusual concept. Cafe Labassin Waterfall is only open during lunch hours. So, for those of you who are interested in visiting it, you can really visit at that time.

4. Hungry Heroes Cafe

Hungry heroes cafe offers a different cafe concept. They try to present superheroes as friends for the visitors. The name of this cafe itself is very unique and easy to remember. Especially if you are a superhero enthusiast, both DC and Marvel. Because of their intention, they also changed the name of the food menu. Everything is adapted to the name of this cafe hungry heroes cafe. This cafe is located in Tessesohn, Singapore.

5. Mahika Mano Cafe

You can already see that this cafe is in Japan. We can tell from the Japanese name “Mahika Mano Cafe”. Besides the unique name, this cafe is also unique in terms of its concept. Mahika mano cafe does not provide seats. What? Yes, so visitors will not sit on chairs. Instead they provide hamock for the visitors. Unique is not the concept. But unfortunately you can only visit this cafe for only two hours.

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