World Anti-Drug Day

World Anti-Drug Day

According to pop n online, June 26 is always celebrated as World Anti-Drug Day. To remind you what drugs really are or provide information for those who don’t know what drugs are, the following is an explanation.

Narkoba is an abbreviation of Narcotics, Psychotropics and other dangerous Addictive Materials which are materials/substances which, if entered into the human body, either orally/drunk, inhaled, or injected, can change one’s thoughts, moods or feelings, and behavior. Drugs can cause physical and psychological dependence (addiction).

To prevent drug abuse, Kemenko Pmk cooperates with Ganas Annar Mui

The Deputy for Coordinating Health Quality Improvement and Population Development at the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK) held a coordination meeting with the MUI Anti-Drug National Movement Program (Ganas Annar) Socialization agenda, online, on Thursday (11/05/2023).

Drug problems continue to increase every year in several countries, especially Indonesia. This is due to the circulation of new types of narcotics at relatively low prices, making them easy to obtain by various levels of society. Ranging from teenagers to adults have been contaminated with drug abuse.

“Indonesia has been declared a drug emergency since 1971, which is a country with a high level of vulnerability. Related to illicit drug trafficking that must be handled intensively and symbiosis,” said the Deputy for Coordination of Health Quality Improvement and Population Development Yohanes Baptista Satya Sananugraha in his opening remarks.

Seeing these problems, the Coordinating Ministry for PMK is taking preventive measures in accordance with Presidential Instruction Number 2 of 2020 concerning the National Action Plan for the Prevention, Eradication of Abuse and Illicit Trafficking of Narcotics and Narcotics Precursors (P4GN).

In the presidential instruction, the implementation of the RAN P4GN needs to include the role of civil society in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations. One of the efforts made by the Coordinating Ministry for PMK is in collaboration with the MUI National Anti-Drug Movement (Ganas Annar).

Ganas Annar MUI is one of the MUI institutions whose job is to prevent drugs. Currently Ganas Annar has been formed in 33 provinces in Indonesia. In 2023, there are several programs focused on integrated counseling services in the form of prevention, outreach, and education.

Head of the Central MUI Anti-Drug Movement (Ganas Anar), Dr. Titik Haryati, M. Pd., mentioned two programs related to drug abuse prevention. Titik explained that some of these programs included socialization at the commemoration of International Anti-Drug Day in the form of Friday sermons and seminars between nations and Malaysia regarding P4GN. Several preparations have also been planned, namely regarding the time of implementation which will be held in June.

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